PCI Graphics help

I'm looking for a good PCI graphics card on the cheap for my Windows 98 box. I have a 3dfx Voodoo 2 card in there now but it's not working properly. It crashed when I try to enable OpenGL or DDraw on any game I run. It can only handle software rendering.

Any ideas on a cheap PCI (Not PCI-E) graphics card with OpenGL support?


  • The Geforce 6200 PCI 256MB would probably be a good bet. Under 9x that is officially as high as you can go under the Nvidia brand. The 6200 PCI cards were common low-end card for quite a while, useful for adding a second monitor on machines that did not have a spare AGP/PCIe slot.

    Although, what speed CPU you using with this?

    Are you sure the Voodoo 2 supported full OpenGL? On the original Voodoo, it only supported a "miniGL" that did not work with much. Those were mainly meant for use with DOS GLIDE.
  • Yeah I meant miniGL, as thats what Half-Life suggests in the video options menu.
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