VersaForm Manual - of sorts

The page for VersaForm 2.7 requests manuals. There is a manual online for the much later VersaForm XL which was, unbelievably, still for DOS (or Windows). I have just spent a day working with the XL manual and the version 2.7 software and the extent of compatibility is very high, at least at the beginner level.

The link is:-

There is an interesting bit in an appendix about how 2.7 was a major change away from the UCSD P-system to DOS.

Appendix D
The original VersaForm program (before November, 1983) created UCSD Pascal
(not DOS) files. (The Apple versions created Apple Pascal files.) However,
beginning with version 2.7, VersaForm created DOS files.
Files created with VersaForm and VersaForm XL through Version 4 all have the
same structure. These releases were all compatible in the sense that each release
could use files from earlier releases. This is true even for the Apple versions;
Apple II files transferred by modem or network to a PC using DOS were
immediately usable.

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