Identify this Logitech mouse?

Another mouse-related thread of mine but, I'd like help on identifying this specific one I had before, as shown by the small image of it below (which was cropped from one of my personal photos).

For clarification, it is a USB wired optical mouse, has the older Logitech logo on the circular grey part and it's an older model, as I had it with my first Windows XP computer in late 2003. Unlike other mice I've had in recent years where they had their own set of problems, this lasted me almost twelve years and it was too bad it went kaput all of a sudden. Just wish I'd knew its model number before I (regrettably) had to chuck it...

I've been looking for this under Amazon to no avail, so I wonder if anybody here can help out and then I can finally track it down. Thanks.


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    Would help to have something larger than a postage stamp to go on.. it looks similar to a mx300 but I don't think it's quite right. The list of models on Wikipedia doesn't seem to provide anything more descriptive for the older mice. But it looks familiar, I've definitely seen it before.

    Here's an eBay listing for the mx300:

    It also looks like the iFeel mouse:

    If you just want a good no frills mouse from logitech, I can recommend the m100. I actually just keep a bunch in stock since they're pretty cheap. I was hunting for a good mouse myself a couple of years back, so when I found that one, I made sure to note the model and buy a bunch. Dell also has a couple that are decent.
  • As long as that mouse doesn't screw up years or months later, then I could consider it. Also, the second one may definitely be the one I had but can't find that on Amazon... and yeah, sorry for the tiny image provided. It was cropped from an older photo that was 640x480.

    I happen to have a Dell mouse on me right now, which is an MS-116. It's good and it's the exact same one that my college has but, why does it make a slight cricking noise seconds after I've lifted my hand off it. Yeah, minor nitpick, I know.
  • The m100 won't win any awards for longevity, but it would certainly last a year. Like I said, I keep a stock of them so I can just swap them out when they die.

    I use the G400s on my main desktop and it's been going for a few years now.
  • I was informed that Logitech mice these days don't last very long... I've had two Logitech B100 having problems within three years. On the bright side, my HP X1000 mouse is doing fine although I recently have a mouse bungee to support it (because for some reason, cursor movement is really sluggish when its wire rubs against other wires).
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