Mac OS 8 8.0

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imageMac OS 8 8.0

Apple Mac OS 8 was another major overhaul of the OS from the earlier Mac OS 7. It added a new Platinum visual theme, a multi threaded Finder, better virtual memory, and many customization options. 8.5 and later require a PPC CPU. It was followed up by Mac OS 9.

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  • I've had this issue with all the Mac OS 8 iso files I have tried. Upon burning to a CD and installing on both an emulator and a Power Macintosh 6100, the control strip is missing. I've read that the control strip was introduced for all Mac's in 7.5.3, so I don't see why it's missing? I might be wrong, but any information would be appreciated!
  • I have Mac OS 8.0 installed in Basilisk II (m68k) with no control strip, but I also have Mac OS 8.0 (British English) installed in Sheepshaver (PPC) fully displaying the control strip.

  • I haven't tried the British English CD (though I am in Britain). I'll see if that makes a difference, my Mac is of course PPC.
  • After using the British English CD and the Install Mac OS 8.0 (UK) executable the control strip is still not installed. Confusing and irritating.
  • @Harry Owen
    Have you tried installing it in Sheepshaver?
  • @jonirob
    No I haven't, the whole point was to get it running on my Power Mac 6100... If I install it in sheepshaver is there some way I could get the disk image over?
  • @jonirob
    Also, what ROM are you using with sheepshaver? I wonder if the Macintosh model makes a difference.
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    Full instructions for Sheepshaver including where to source the correct ROM are available here
  • I tried to install it in QEMU but it just shows me a white blank screen.

    Here is my line:
    qemu-system-m68k.exe ^
    -L pc-bios ^
    -M q800 ^
    -bios Quadra800.ROM ^
    -boot d ^
    -drive file=pram-macos.img,format=raw,if=mtd ^
    -device scsi-hd,scsi-id=0,drive=hd0,vendor="SEAGATE",product="ST225N",ver="1.0" ^
    -drive file=MacOS8.0.img,media=disk,format=raw,if=none,id=hd0 ^
    -device scsi-cd,scsi-id=3,drive=cd0,vendor="MATSHITA",product="CD-ROM CR-8005",ver="1.0k" ^
    -drive file=MacOS80_UK.iso,media=cdrom,if=none,id=cd0
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    This command line works for me in Qemu-system-m68k-Win64-18-09-2022 on Windows 10:

    qemu-system-m68k.exe ^
    -M q800 ^
    -m 128 ^
    -display sdl ^
    -bios Quadra800.rom ^
    -drive file=pram-macos.img,format=raw,if=mtd ^
    -device scsi-hd,scsi-id=0,drive=hd0 ^
    -drive file=MacOS8.0.img,media=disk,format=raw,if=none,id=hd0 ^
    -device scsi-cd,scsi-id=3,drive=cd0 ^
    -drive file=MacOS80_UK.iso,media=cdrom,if=none,id=cd0
  • I do not know where to find the Macintosh Quadra 800 at.
  • I found it, I tried the command you did and it still shows the same thing. Idk what to do anymore.
  • @helloisthispizzahut
    It sounds to me that its the wrong Quadra800.rom.
    Google "cockatrice iii emulator", download and unzip the file, you'll find what you're looking for there.
  • I downloaded it from sourceforge and used the Qemu-system-m68k-Win64-18-08-2022 but it gives me an error. I tried the same thing in QEMU (not the other one) and it still gives me the same white screen.
  • @helloisthispizzahut
    Did you use this command to create the HD:

    qemu-img.exe create -f raw -o size=2G MacOS8.0.img
    qemu-img.exe create -f raw pram-macos.img 256b
  • Yes, both of them.
  • it works to run qemu as 8.1 on m68k
  • "Apple Mac OS 8.0 (ISO)" is just an audio cd with an audio in it.(who did that!?)
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    I've just tested Apple Mac OS 8.0 (ISO) in Basilisk II and it works fine.

    It also runs fine in SheepShaver.

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