[OFFER] TouchStone CheckIt 3.0 (5.25" disk images)

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TouchStone CheckIt release 3.0
DISK IMAGES (2ct 5.25"): download
I believe WinWorld already has this release of CheckIt, but only as a flat archive instead of proper disk images like these.


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    Unfortunately disk 1 seems to be bad dumped.
    (Track 1/0 ~ Track 8/1 seems to be missing.)
    Would you please dump it again by Teledisk or DCOPY.EXE if diskette has no damage?
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    Are you sure about that? KryoFlux detected all original sectors for the disk. Here are the stream files for KryoFlux: download.

    I just now realized Linux is throwing out half the KryoFlux sector files I've compressed and uploaded to archive.org. Ugh, that's the last time I trust Nemo for anything.
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    Thanks! Yes, your re-uploaded disk 1 has no problem.

    P.S Can you re-dump disk 2?
    Disk 2 has also problem.
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    I reuploaded the KryoFlux stream files for disk 2 now: download.
    I figured out the problem too: I CTRL+A-ed the .raw files in the KF stream folder to compress them before the file browser finished loading them all.
  • @flea

    Thanks, now all dumps seems to be good.
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