[OFFER] Tymlabs Business Session for Windows

Tymlabs Business Session for Windows (1992)
DISK IMAGES (2ct 5.25"): download
HP 700/94 and DEC VT100 terminal emulator for Windows 3.0 and higher. Integrates with HP NewWave!


  • Thanks for shareing the nice rare disk dump.
  • I finally took a look at this one, and it appears to be corrupt. There appears to be a missing track right in the middle of the main executable.

    Any chance of getting a redump?
  • Whoops, sorry about the lack of response. I'll see what went wrong here shortly...
  • edited March 10
    @SomeGuy Sorry for the wait again.

    Interesting... I was able to run BSESSION.EXE in a VirtualBox running Windows 3.1 without NewWave installed. (The installer didn't give the program a group in the Program Manager, instead dumping everything into the WINDOWS directory without even making a new folder for itself.) Maybe it's an virtualization/emulation bug on your end?

  • Finally happened to take another look at it. You were right, my thing-a-majig was craping itself when I ran the setup program inside Windows. Running it from DOS, and it worked perfectly. I guess that empty space I saw in the file is normal.

    Also, this program appears to run in Windows 3.0 real mode.

    Researching the program, there were advertisements for it that pre-dated Windows 3.0, so it seems there was a Windows 2.x version.
  • @SomeGuy Glad to hear you got it working. Indeed there was a version released for Windows 2.x in 1989 that could also run within HP NewWave (here I always thought NW debuted during the Windows 3.x era), per this InfoWorld issue:

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