Microsoft Word 2.x (DOS)

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imageMicrosoft Word 2.x (DOS)

The Microsoft Word word processor was first introduced for MS-DOS in 1983. Its design made use of a mouse and WYSIWYG graphics. Its crude WYSIWYG/mouse support was a direct response to the Apple Lisa/Mac, and VisiCorp Visi On. Initially it competed against many popular word processors such as WordStar, Multimate, and WordPerfect. Word for DOS was never really successful.

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  • According to there was also MS Word 2.01. Moreover, this version is not listed as copy protected, so it looks like Microsoft stopped protecting apps as they did with MS Project and MS Access (in both cases versions 1.00 were copy protected, 1.01 - not copy protected anymore)
  • do have Microsoft Chart 3.00. Microsoft Word 2.00 did include spell checker.
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