Derive for Dos

How can I get back my old copy of Derive for Dos
I would like to use it again on my old HP95Lx palmtop pc. I have a few of these and used them for work and school
years ago. I have old harddrives where is is but don't know how to hook up and search my old drives for 8886, 386, 486 pcs.

As an different topic, the HP95(100, 200s?) had the best calculator I ever used and I used them all.
Any interest in this topic?


  • S'pose that will do the trick?

    As to calculators, I wrote an emulation of HP15 in rombasic, that had interesting features like change base on the fly, use of 'base-by' notation to get to base 360+, eg base 120 by 10), inline configuration of memory addresses, the ability to set the log base and circle size by registers, etc.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Can you give me details of how I would use the .dsk file?
    Also could you comment on my other thread re: best calculator?
  • Its a diskette image. You can use something like winimage to unpack it, or put it into the drive of your vm. It's the same as IMG or IMA files. IBM use .DSK as a common extension.
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