[OFFER] Banyan VINES 5.0

I finally managed to dump these disks. They have a dongle based copy protect, and while you can install w/o the dongle, you can't boot. I have the dongles, and I'll be working to write a proper unprotect. Raw images and SuperCard Pro flux images provided.


I was able to get it to install in 86Box (PCem hung). It's very specific on what it will and won't work on; try with only one floppy disk drive as A:.


  • Thanks! Very interested in the unprotected version!
  • The unprotect is a little weird because it's handled in ueserland, and not in kernelspace. Right now, I'm looking at writing support for emulating the dongles in 86Box, so an unprotect (per say) won't be needed. At a minimium, it will at least let me get into the system and futz with it.
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