Search Bar Broken

When I search Internet Explorer 1.5 (Which there is a download for) does not appear.


  • It is not broken. That is just a limitation. The term "1.5" does not appear in the product name itself, so it won't find it. Just search for "Internet Explorer" from the library and you will find the product.

    Remember, you can also use other search engines, to perform a site search, sometimes with more detail. For example in Google, type "internet explorer 1.5".
  • @SomeGuy Actually there might be small bug in search , If you are searching from and you type a space after you are done typing than search it will say there is no search results for anything typed. The issue seems to be an extra + added at the end if you do a extra space when you use search. For example , This works fine : , but if you do an extra space after what you typed , it adds an extra + at the end : , this is what gives the no search for anything searched.
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