How long have you had your current system for?

Whether it's a full desktop set-up or a laptop, let's brag of how long we've had our useful little machines for.

To start, about my Dell Inspiron N17, I've had it for nine full years as of today. Can't actually believe it considering my past computers had a life of about 2-4 years on average. I suppose me constantly maintaining it from leaving out certain updates to keeping a familiar circle of software I use and also savvy with online security. I was meaning to ditch my system years ago and migrate to macOS but, I hesitated countless times. Might reconsider that for either the next year to two, who knows? Even so, it's done me proud after all these years :)


  • I just recently built / rebuilt my desktop with some upgrades. But before that, it was about 9 years.
  • I'm 2 years in to my newest build. I usually hold on to my system for 10 years before I upgrade or replace it.
  • My current laptop is a mid 2012 MacBook Pro running Linux. I've been using it for six years, with plans for using it a while longer as a portable machine. However, I'm also building a new Linux desktop as my main machine which should last longer with incremental hardware upgrades.
  • I've only had the iMac I'm typing this on since July, but I'm already so used to using it. My main desktop was built nearly a year ago (end of November), and my file server was acquired in 2016. I've got older machines that I have owned for longer, but most of them aren't in active use.
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