3D Studio 4.x

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image3D Studio 4.x

3D Studio, not to be confused with the later "3d Studio Max" product, is a DOS-based tool from Autodesk for creating 3d models and animations.

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  • Seem to get a "dos mem corrupt, first_mcb=027e" when installing from disk 6 of the 4.1c updates. Stops at "Verifying: C:\3DS4\MAPS\BRNBRICB.CEL".

    FreeDos says "PANIC: before 4a: MCB chain corrupted"

    Is the img file corrupted?
  • Following up from my previous comment. It won't install properly in FreeDos. Use Dos 6.22 in the virtual machine. iF need mouse support, use CuteMouse software. Copy the files to a folder on C called Mouse. Add "C:\MOUSE\CTMOUSE.EXE" to the autoexec.bat file in the C drive and reboot. Will have mouse control in 3D Studio now if a bit laggy.
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