Running Longhorn / Sigma OS on Chromebook / cheap laptop?

Hello all!

I have become very fascinated by Windows Longhorn / Sigma OS for a long time now. I have been wondering if it would be possible to install windows longhorn on a chromebook or something so I could use it. Nothing too serious, I would just like to use it for web browsing and using office 2003.

Many thanks!


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    No, not going to happen.

    Since it may not be painfully obvious for you, let me break it down.
    Likely your chromebook's processor is incompatible. Then there's the firmware. Then there's the hardware and lack of drivers. Then there's the storage controller. And the list goes on.
    No it will not, does not, and never will work on a chromebook. Go buy a period-correct laptop. And no, Sigma OS is broken hackjob of an old and broken beta build. That should explain to you.
  • Okay, thank you very much!
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