Hp palmtop 200lx not keeping time or date issue

I am having an issue with my hp 200lx palmtop , for some reason the time and date keeps randomly resetting itself. The backup battery and main alkaline batteries are fine, and the self tests pass fine on it. Can't figure out why my hp 200lx is doing this.


  • Sometimes the BIOS may messup or has a problem maybe you can update it?
  • @SombreroSonic That can't be done the bios can't be updated and I think I figured it out, Windows 3.0 would randomly crash on it and reset the date and time.
  • That happened to me once with my spanish 200LX. To my surprise, I was unlucky in which I bought a dead CR2032 battery.

    Try another and see if it works. That did for me.
  • @cmarquez , The CR2032 is already new and the voltage tested and no low battery error , and it had to do with a program crashing.
  • What the fuck?
    Hard reset! Unless you already tried that...
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