PUA.Win32/Loadmoney on ISOs?

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Hey everyone,

So I've recently been using the WinWorld site to grab ISOs for vintage software to test on a vintage PC. But when I did a full scan of my PC with MS Defender, it told me every ISO had a virus called "LoadMoney" on it. Upon searching it up, it seemed to be a very dangerous virus/malware-- but I had none of the symptoms or signs of damage on my computer of it, since, well, it's an ISO. So, is it just something that is a false positive/shares a script in the ISO? Thanks so much everyone!

~A WinWorld User

P.S. Not sure if this could cause damage anyway since it's just an ISO, but I removed it to be sure for now.


  • it's not a virus , it's a false positive.
  • Which download was this ISO from?

    All of the software on Winworld are virus/malware free (unless you count Microsoft Internet Explorer :P ), but "modern" virus scanners make false detections all the time that come and go.
  • It was in 98FE and 95. But yeah, that does make sense. Probably something related to the 9x kernel that Windows detects as that virus? Not sure.
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