Windows SDK & DDK NT 3.x

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imageWindows SDK & DDK NT 3.x

The Windows SDK and DDK gives you the libraries and headers needed to do software and driver development for Windows.

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    Windows NT 3.1 SDK requires Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, but the SDK also mentioned that CL386.EXE compiler is in the MSC7.0 and is also required, but not found. Where can I find it?
  • Information about the Windows NT 3.1 SDK/DDK bundle CD:
    1. It only contains MIPS/Alpha C/C++ compiler, no i386 C/C++ compiler in it. The MIPS/Alpha C/C++ compiler is version 8.00, the same version in Visual C++ 1.0 for NT. So it requires Visual C++ 1.0 for NT for i386 C/C++ develop.
    2. It can only be installed on NT 3.1/3.5/3.51. Later versions of WinNT or Win9x not supported.
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