Having a weird sound issue with my win98 VM

I installed the OEM Full version, but for some reason the sound doesn't work right. I thought it was the .vdi I'd grabbed a while ago, so I finally sat through the download to get the actual iso off here. The new VM still had the same problem! Basically, only system sounds play, no sound from programs plays, and games lag a little when they try to play sound. Same with music, midi files are silent even if "playing" whether it's a game's music (such as Chip's Challenge) or from Windows Media Player. The driver I set it to is SoundBlaster, setting it to any other option in VirtualBox makes all sound not work because Win98 can't find a driver for the "hardware".

One thing I noted while installing Windows Entertainment Pack 4 was that after asking for the second floppy, when I "put it in" through VirtualBox and hit OK, it froze for a bit before asking for the disk again, then continuing as normal when I hit OK that time. I did not test the sound, or Windows Media Player, with the new VM before I immediately installed WEP4. I don't know if it does anything with system files or drivers, but if it does then maybe I need a different disk image.

While Chip's Challenge is thankfully only slightly affected by the lag, those of you who have played it may remember that some levels need quick movements to solve, and I'm about 80 or so levels in. The lag is slight, but it's enough to screw up fast inputs. Jezzball, my usual for testing this, hitches every time a ball bounces.
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