SoftWindows 98

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imageSoftWindows 98

Insignia Solution SoftPC, or "SoftWindows" when bundled with Windows, is an x86 emulator UNIX and MacOS that enables them to run DOS and Windows. SoftWindows is unique in that it uses native CPU recompiled Windows binaries providing near native speed for some application. It was also ported to platforms such as SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, NeXT, Motorola 88000, DEC VAX/VMS, DEC ULTRIX, and was the emulator used by Microsoft to run DOS and Windows 3.1 application on the DEC Alpha CPU Windows NT.

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  • This runs horribly on my iMac G3 under OS 9...
    Soft Windows 95 runs fine but it doesn’t have support for the CD-ROM drive.
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