(Request) autocad 2000 eng or ita


  • Hello friend:

    I can offer you AutoCAD 2000i (English version), which has many improvements over AutoCAD 2000. Link:


    Please note that I got this from a Russian tracker; the uploader claims that it does not require serial or crack (which is strange), as well as no updates (which is also strange). I did not have a chance to test this proggy, as I already have version 14.01 on my Win 95 machine and version 2002 on my two Win 98 machines, and did not want to mess those up.

    Please post a reply to let me know if this proggy was of any use, and if there were problems installing and running it on your machine. Thanks.

    Stay well!
  • I tried it on win xp sp3 and it works perfectly. it doesn't need crack because it already has a license and a serial number.
    I tried it on win 98 and return error.
    thank you very much
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