WinDOS OS possible?

hey guys. i just found out about winDOS (winmsdos) it looks really interesting and id like to try it out but unfortunately i cannot find any search results of it on google (highly over shadowed by windows results). but i think it would fit right in being hosted on! would you guys be willing to host it?


  • It never existed.

    "Windows Never Released are series made by people on YouTube showing their ideas for Microsoft Windows. Never released versions of Windows usually have remixed startup and shutdown sounds, sometimes they have existing startup/shutdown sounds from other OSes. WNR also shows bootscreens from specified OSes. They can be made in any of computer graphics programs like Photoshop, GIMP or Paint."

    Basically a site full of fake photoshoped or otherwise (badly) edited images.
  • WinDOS is just the command prompt from Windows PE (Kinda useful for installing windows from a flash drive) nothing more, nothing less.
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