MS CD Extensions (MSCDEX) 1.25

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imageMS CD Extensions (MSCDEX) 1.25

MSCDEX is the real-mode MS-DOS driver for accessing CD drives.

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  • Do you guys have 2.23?
  • This here is 2.23, it's just mislabeled as 1.25 because of the actual driver version.
  • does this only work for ATAPI protocols?
  • It only supports ATAPI CD-ROM drives.
  • MSCDEX works with any CD-ROM drive that has an appropriate MS-DOS device driver. Although I see this distribution disk is actually an OEM disk intended for use with a GoldStar IDE CD-ROM drive.
  • How do I get the DRIVERS?
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    As for the theory of a mislabeling, I found 3 more sources for image files related to this one. For example, BetaArchive named theirs LG MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions 1.25 and the print on their label seems plausible to me. But to be frank, there is no way for me of knowing, if that floppy image they got there is related to this one, as all their downloads are blocked against non-contributors to their site. However, I found two other downloads. While the floppy Images all have different floppy image container sizes, the compressed files on those image containers, by name, date, size and SHA256 hash are identical. One image had a readme.txt on it that wasnt present on the others, but in the end, i feel pretty confident in saying, that the name that BetaArchive gave that floppy is more correct.

    This photo is from BetaArchive:

    This photo is from a download on - with an image that has a different file size, but the same identifier (a 720kb 3.5 inch floppy) and the same files (as stated above) as the one on this website.

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    No, I never touched that one. The download of the 7z was stopped by my browser with a virus warning, so i never even bothered myself with the floppy image. But the floppy on the photo is like another one i have found. The floppy is a 1.44MB variant of the one on this website.
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    "The download of the 7z was stopped by my browser with a virus warning"

    Interesting - it was uploaded after you made the above post. (Addeddate 2024-06-19 16:39:50). Too bad for you. The floppy image is valid. Virustotal says its clean.


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