[OFFER] Paint Shop Pro 7 Anniversary Edition (2001)


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    bin/cue says Nero Burning rom....oh well
    Edit: It looks like this originally came from here:
    Comparing header and directory/file structures and also the same volume label and "Nero Burning Rom".

    And, it was uploaded to archive.org, by "Sketch the Cow", which is the nym by the guy that runs Betaarchive. He's uploaded quite a few files - and all are messed up in some way.

  • What are you talking about? It did not come from archive.org. It is my own image, done with ImgBurn, from the original retail disc. If the directory structures are the same, it's because that's how they are supposed to be.

    What says "Nero Burning ROM" anyway? If Windows Explorer sez it, it's because that's how your file associations are set up, not what it was made with.
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    How I should have said it is "It looks the same as the one that originally came from here"

    Examining it with any ISO tool reveals basic details:

  • Interesting. I wonder why ImgBurn would identify itself as Nero? Well, either way, it is my own, properly dumped disc, not the one found on archive.org.
  • It is not impossible that the content was mastered with an early version of Nero. Dumping with another tool would (should) not change that ID string.

    Just glancing back at the archive, is there any chance you could add a scan or photo of the CD?
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    Just to make sure this stands apart from the archive.org copy, I've gone back and re-ripped the disc, and this time I've included the ImgBurn log and the requested scan of the disc itself. Here's the updated version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1stN83q9xFaQimEhRntyHRuPAIWjAW4H5/view?usp=sharing

    To be exact, this is version 7.04.
  • @nick99nack
    Yours is an earlier produced image than the archive.org one. So that's neat. The differences seem to be only in the psp installer, and the qvp 6.0 installer sizes. I extracted psp.exe from both - they have the same hash.

    And one other diff is that you did a proper job of ripping the CD, so thanks.

  • huh, that's interesting. I wonder why they bothered making two different images.
  • I did not look at the QVP (QuickViewPlus) folder/installer. The PSP installer used the same version of Installshield, so that's not it.

    There's any number of good reasons. First that comes to mind, is changing the way the installer works, or a new DLL or 2, to make PSP compatible with the next/later version of Windows. Or, removing a copyrighted file (Microsoft did this for Office 2000).

    Or any of a number of other reasons.

    One could unpack every file and do a binary compare, and I'm just not that ambitious today.

    Until Corel bought PSP, it was kinda one man operation by Robert Voit. So anything is possible...
  • Tweaking installers is not all that uncommon. You get a piece of software out on enough computers and you eventually find that it conflicts with some obscure software on a few machines. Sometimes all it needs is a registry tweak, or instructions to not clobber an updated file.

    Or you get your product out on store shelves only to find you fatfingerted something in the installer script and your test machine happened to be one of the few it worked with.
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