I cannot download anything.

When I click to download a file, nothing appears on my chrome browser. It says 5 out of 50 downloads, but nothing is downloading. I clicked the cloud, but still nothing. It thinks that is is downloading, but is not. This is annoying me, because I really want to do a 3.1 project, and it is still spending my 50 downloads, which I don't know why even has to be a thing.


  • The solution is to contact google and tell them that their web browser is a fucked up, broken, buggy pile of shit.

    Don't use chrome. Run, not walk, away from it.
  • I'm having same issue I can't download. Yes I using Google Chrome.
  • Don't use Chrome.
  • Click on the lock icon to the left of the address in the address bar and click on "Site Settings"

    Scroll down to "Insecure content" and change it to "Allow"

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