Macintosh System Software 1.0 (Finder 1.0, System .97) REDUMP

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Hi friends!!
I have successfully completed a patched redump of Macintosh System Software 1.0! You can see attached the disk image that is ready to be used as normal. No more nugget fonts! Have fun with it and I hope to see it on the main site soon!


  • If that patch/modification helps people, that is fine, but that is not what I would call a redump.

    A redump would involve reading the software image from a factory original disk, and then carefully only changing bits that may have been changed during use back to about what they should have been.
  • Yes, that’s what I said. I probably could have formed my speech better, but this was ripped directly from a floppy. Then taken into an emulated MacII, reset to factory settings and published. It probably wasn’t the best way to introduce it calling it “patched” and all, but I didn’t know what to call it.
  • "Then taken into an emulated MacII, reset to factory settings" Uh, you didn't change things directly on the original floppy did you? That should have stayed write protected at all times. If you did NOT change anything, and this was actually a factory original disk, could you send me a copy without your "patches"? Also, if this is a factory original disk, could you send a scan or good photograph of both the front and back? Apple only included subtle hints as to what disk contained what version. It has been hard nailing down what a real "1.0/0.97" disk should even look like.
  • No, no settings on the original floppy were changed. And unfortunately, I am away for the rest of the week. ( Visiting parents in LA ) but when I get back late Sunday, I’ll try and get a scan of the floppy. The patches were required because the previous owner messed up some system icons, cursors and fonts ( that’s why patches were required ) so the disk itself is in no way factory original. But, when I get back I’ll upload a copy of the disk without the patch.
  • One interesting eBay conversation later and I’ve found that the disk that I received was a write protected modified version of .97, 1.0 that was copied onto a reused floppy. The seller unfortunately, had lost the original disk and included the copy in his sale. I can still upload that modded one with the trash font but I doubt anybody would want it. The new disk remains without a write lock but the old one still has its lock in place. Sorry I can’t get you an original disk. :/
  • That is what I thought, since it closely resembled the very crufty Mac warez version we have. But thanks for trying, and hold on to the disk as perhaps one day it can be restored to something closer to genuine.
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