Google wants to convert your Win7 machine to a Chrome OS one

The source says it all, but the background of that somewhat alarming headline was that Google had recently bought a company called Neverware, which has a Chrome OS variant called CloudReady. Just to give one's Windows 7 machine extra life.

For me, I'm not going to get involved in this, as the ESU bypass I've had for months has served me well so far and plus, it's not as if Google would hijack Windows Update and force your precious OS to be converted as CloudReady can voluntarily be obtained and installed with a price tag attached. However, if it's installed, it'd be too late to regret it if it doesn't work out for you (and that's why backing files before doing anything is a must).

I'll just stuck with 7 for another year or two, thanks very much.


  • Do you really think Microsoft wants that to happen? They want everyone in the observable universe to "upgrade" to Windows 10 Home (because screw even getting half-useful features, and screw all the people who got Vista and 7 Ultimate)

    They conceded the browser war, I don't think they are going to concede their OS too.
  • RIP CloudReady. It was good while it lasted. but I suspect that it's only a matter of time before it will join the ranks of the other Google products in the graveyard

    I've used CloudReady a few times before. It's decent, basically just ChromeOS with chromium instead of chrome and no Android app support. Which certainly does reduce its usefulness. But I definitely prefer regular Linux over ChromeOS. Far less limitations.
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    Yeah, it's dead. Google would rather you give them more money for an even more underpowered "new" Chromebook than "repurpose" that oh so old and slow Windows 7 machine.
  • Debian PC Not the latest screen. (taken before I reinstalled and selected MATE, but hardware is identical) Is this 'under-powered'?

    Ubuntu MATE NUC What about this, too? "Under-powered" enough that I should throw it in a landf- er recycling center, where it is promptly thrown in with actual garbage.
  • To the tech sellers and "adopters" it's underpowered junk if it wasn't made 35 seconds ago.

    To a sane person, that 2600 coupled with 16gb is still good for a lot of things. Especially when I believe you can fully libre that thing.
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    Yep, running Debian on it with irssi, Firefox ESR, Steam, Minecraft, and QEMU for all my emulation needs. (I didn't replace the BIOS, but it doesn't have "Secure Boot".)
    Other one is Ubuntu MATE. I'm waiting for Debian 11 to come out so I can move to it.

    Anyways, Google knows the average person doesn't use anything other than a web browser these days because we've extended HTTP/HTML to the absurd. And if they are talking about replacing Windows on old netbooks with ChromeOS, that is a stupid idea with almost any recent browser. (Video, audio, and canvas tags, as well as some newer styling/formatting options, make perfect sense for HTML (as well as the newer things in HTTP 2.0), but DRM nonsense and full, interactive games and similar mindless crap in a web browser? Really? And now Google wants to bring back UDP from the grave for HTTP 3.0! Never mind that 2.0 came out 5 years ago! By the way, this is pretty much HTML5 should be used for, not replacing the moronic GeoCities sites: HTML5 demo)

  • There it is. Completely useless. /s

    This is also the same machine I run 2000 on.
  • I had been trying out CloudReady on a couple machines; one was an Asus that had a flaky/bad SATA channel so I figured I'd just run CloudReady off a small USB drive, the other was to have a backup machine for my daughter's schoolwork (they use Chromebooks for school).

    I ended up getting an actual Chromebook myself later, mainly to have an extra lightweight machine for when I went to a customer/partner site, or going to company offices (so that I keep work and personal completely separate). Then a few weeks later everything locked down and no more travel.
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