Changing UI font in Firefox

A while ago, I brought up a gripe with Firefox since it got upgraded, where Japanese/Chinese text is displayed with Microsoft YaHei and with it, text on webpages and even on the browser UI (for example the Library) look horrible. Prior to the (forced) upgrade, both languages were viewed under MS PGothic where Japanese kana and even kanji looked much more neater and I wish I can set this back again. On the contrary, Pale Moon still uses that font for it but not Chinese (as it uses YaHei only for that). I've looked at this where it mentions the creation of a userChrome.css file to do this but there wasn't any given steps to get what I want and I wonder if anybody here can help out.

I've been dealing with this nitpick for months but surely it can get changed without me jumping ship to Pale Moon permanently. Sure, the latest Firefox has good privacy protection but using that particular font for Japanese text sucks.
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