Norton Utilities 3.10

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imageNorton Utilities 3.10

The Norton Utilities is a suite of disk and system utilities designed to enhance system performance and stability. It started off as a set of disk utilities written by Peter Norton, and later was sold by Symantec. It competed against Central Point PC Tools and the Mace Utilities.

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  • I would llike to download this norton utilites 3.10 for an old pc to check the hard drive..but I dont know how to download it.. gordonleroy
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    Click on the download and then select one of the mirrors. Also DO NOT use Chrome for downloading.
  • A: Click the download link, and then the mirror link. Your download will start.

    B: What you really want for older machines is Norton Utilities 4.5.

    C: I assume your real problem is getting the software over to the computer. Post in the hardware section and describe in detail what hardware you have available, we might be able to give you advice how to best do this with what you have, or determine what you need to get.
  • Norton Utilities 3.10 (11-1-1985) (5.25-360k)
    --> This seems not to be dumped from original media.
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