[OFFER] Windows95 Trial - (English with Office95/Plus)

Hi guys, I just found this old CD in my collection and I want to share it, if someone is interested. As a trial version it has some limitations as you can see on readme.txt included:

"Thank you for your interest in Windows 95 and Office for Windows 95. To begin your evaluation, please review the accompanying documentation and then install the enclosed *trial* version of Windows 95.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have provided you with 90-day licenses to evaluate all the products, and have built a reminder and an expiration into Windows 95. The reminder will begin on February 1, 1996 and after April 30, 1996 the software will not function until you install a retail version. You must purchase valid licenses for each of the products you continue to use after 90 days."

Get it here


  • Thanks for posting this! I think I used to have a copy of this, it's probably in a box somewhere at my mother's house. If this is the same disk, while windows 95 has a timebomb, I believe office 95 does not. Back when I was a poor teenager, I recall installing windows 95 from other media, and then using the office from this.
  • Hi Jafir, it's a very nice hint - I've never tried installing Office from that CD - but never is too late, right? :)
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