Is this a legit Windows XP CD?

I found this picture of a WinXP CD that somebody had. Not sure if it's legit though. It says "For Refurbished PCs". I know MS made OEM versions that were intended to be used by manufacturers on their NEW PCs, but never heard of a version specifically intended to support people refurbishing USED PCs.
Also, to the best of my knowledge, no official MS produced WinXP CD ever contained SP3 builtin (I always thought it was on a separate CD or a download from the Windows Update website). However, I couild be wrong about this.
So I'm not sure if this is a picture of a legit CD, or a bootleg (though an authentic looking bootleg) CD.


  • I have an XP disc where it came pre-installed with SP3 and that was from a company that provided my old computer, only that it was "Version 2002" yet it had a 2008 copyright as with the one you posted. I think you can tell if that CD really is a bootleg when Microsoft finds out that the installed OS is not genuine. Just a wild guess.
  • Go download it and find out. Files are dated 2008.
    Maybe you prefer SP4?
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    The hologram looks legit. It has that iridescent color, but you can only tell if it's a hologram if you hold the disk and turn it. of if somebody made a video of the disk being turned. Otherwise, a fake label could be printed with a color gradient like that, and a still picture of the fake label could look exactly like a still picture of the hologram.

    Referring to 02k-guy's comment, there's no such thing as SP4 for WinXP, at least not officially. That may be a collection of community made fixes (made by fixing some of the source code and then compiling replacement Windows DLLs to replace the official MS compiled DLLs, using the WinXP source code that leaked a while ago).
  • "Referring to 02k-guy's comment, there's no such thing as SP4 for WinXP, at least not officially."

  • What value a fecking picture of a CD-Rom has is ZERO. Legit or homemade, the ISO could have been hacked on or done improperly, and occasionally, someone gets it right.

    What does matter are hash values of a given ISO that can be confirmed. There have been quite a few XP SP3 ISos released by Microsoft thru MSDN/SELECT/Digital River.
    Here are a few:

    e1b2d865155e1d2fade155060f55802ca351a8d6 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_HOME_K_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92386.ISO
    09753cd81110d41207b41f9f238afac25a1b5138 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_HOME_KN_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92388.ISO
    f43b5bad8db60a25bb696183153ef856af839573 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_HOME_N_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92393.ISO
    5a6b959ad24d15dc7ebd85e501b83d105d1b37c6 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_HOME_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92413.ISO

    8d94e2f006de74defbfc363fb6aaa58af7a1b9a4 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_PROFESSIONAL_K_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92430.ISO
    29aafdd5abd8cc48eb43d262797d80676e4993fb *EN_WINDOWS_XP_PROFESSIONAL_KN_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92432.ISO
    a8143d52f60e4acc73d5f267f05ad833f034d453 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_PROFESSIONAL_N_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_VL_X14-78118.ISO
    569b84652fd1b43505d9a8efe8667e456816880c *EN_WINDOWS_XP_PROFESSIONAL_N_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-92445.ISO
    66ac289ae27724c5ae17139227cbe78c01eefe40 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_PROFESSIONAL_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_VL_X14-73974.ISO
    1c735b38931bf57fb14ebd9a9ba253ceb443d459 *EN_WINDOWS_XP_PROFESSIONAL_WITH_SERVICE_PACK_3_X86_CD_X14-80428.ISO
  • It's a real disc, from the refurbisher program. I have one myself.
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