Looking for Compuserve for Windows95 or newer

I found older versions of WinCIM (and associated Compuserve Mosaic) up through version 2.x in the WinWorldPC library, but those are targeted at 16bit OSes. While they will work on Win95 and 98, they aren't 32bit programs. I think that some newer versions of Compuserve software do exist though. I've read there's like a version 4.x and even a version called Compuserve 2000. If anybody has these versions (preferably the versions with bundled web browser, as I know some exist without the browser), please post a link here and also share it with the website admin so it can be added to the WWPC library.


  • http://www.oldversion.com/windows/compuserve/ has several of these. The version 3 wasn't in English, but version 4.01 is.

    Version 6.0 is the version known as Compuserve 2000. It's a rebranded AOL client internally (Compuserve was bought by AOL in 1998).

    It's worth noting that even though it installed on XP for me, it no longer works because the service is no longer available. It fails when it tries to sign on saying it can't find Compuserve over TCP/IP.
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    @Sacred517 thanks for that. I'll check it out. What exactly comes with these versions of Compuserve that are available at oldversion.com? Is it just WinCIM (Windows Compuserve Information Manager)? Or does it also contain the bundled web browser? I have seen the old Compuserve website on Wayback Machine on archive.org and it mentions there are 2 variants of each version of their Compuserve software, the variant that's just WinCIM and the one that also has a webbrowser bundled with it. Which variant is hosted over at oldversion.com? I want to make sure I get the variant that DOES have the webbrowser.
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