How to get the mouse input running with 86Box?


I have a MS-DOS 3.30 running with the following settings (please see the pictures below).

There are 2 reasons for a mouse:
1.) i want to use MS Word in Graphics mode
2.) i want to use this software (

I have installed mouse driver, but it is not in the bios listed.

What do i have to do that both is working? Please step by step :)

Thank you in advance!


  • You will need to install a DOS mouse driver in the virtual machine. which can either be a serial port mouse or a PS/2 port mouse.
  • Thank you, I installed one DOS mouse driver, but it doesn't recognize it (not in bios/not in using programs)

    My questions are:
    1.) Does the selected board support a mouse?
    2.) How do I set it up?

    It would be so awesome if it would run.
    Thank you in advance!
  • What mouse driver did you install? For best compatibility, you should install Microsoft Mouse driver 6.x or later.

    I don't see MOUSE.COM, MOUSE.EXE or MOUSE.SYS loading in your DOS screen shots above, so you probably did not install the software properly.

    Mice are not BIOS devices, so they usually will not show up as part of a BIOS setup.
  • Sebastian_L,

    First you need to select mouse type in "Input devices":

  • He has a serial mouse selected, as seen in the original screenshots, but there's a driver problem (not installed/working). I recommend you stop by the 86Box discord or IRC server if possible, communication is a bit easier there.
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