Harvard Graphics and .cht files

I have over 100 .cht create using Harvard Graphics ,

I'm trying to change from Harvard Graphics to a more current version of a graph pgm (like Power Point??).

I'm running Win 10 . Is the a program that will change the .cht into a more current graph pgm ??


P.S. Sorry about my English .


  • WordPerfect X6 Presentation supports some versions of Harvard Graphics ch? files and will export to file types currently in use. I think the later versions of WordPerfect still support it since the main changes were to support newer OpenOffice and MS Office file formats.

    MS Office 97 should import HG cht files and export to a format that many later programs recognize. 97 was the last MS version with the fullest array of imports.

    Someone else would have to discuss graphics conversion software. I believe presentation software typically does a better job converting presentations than general purpose graphics converters.
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