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Well, I finally have a router and wireless network cards. I got a nice deal on D-link, so I went with it. Well, my dell which is wired to the router goes online just fine (my upload speed is strangely going up to 50k and not the 30 it should be at). I have a wireless usb adapter for a mini computer in my room (mini computer has no slots so PCI can't be used (fish... if you read this don't start babling about how I should use ISC to my pentium 1). Well anyways, after installing everything and fiddling around, I managed to get that one to also access the internet (and it's upload tests also showed almost 50k).

I don't have a problem with faster upload by any means, but the problem is this, My dell can see my mini but it can't go into it, my mini can't see my dell or anything else other then the internet for that matter. I know I have things set wrong probably, but then again, I haven't done this before so I'm expecting that. What I really want to do is set the computers network settings so they can each see eachother, exchange files with eachother (optional), and share the printer which is connected to the dell (most prefered).

My dell has XP home (no, I can't install pro) and my mini has 2000 pro (no I won't install XP). I'm sure someone out there can help me solve my problems in very little time, so...start posting please!


  • Browse the your workgroup (make your you got the same workgroup on both PC's)

    You should see a PC, double click it, youll get a logon, enter in an account on the remote PC and youll get access.

    You can remove that by adding your account on the local PC to the remote PC

    oh, and make you got your network shares such as drives, folders, pritners
  • ... they have the same workgroup name, the only PC my mini lists is itself. The dell lists itself and the mini. clicking on it says I don't have permission. I have my printer set to be shared, but when I enter it's name in my mini, it says it can't find it.
  • How are the IP Address setup? DHCP?

    Make sure you use 192.168.1.X

    X = 1-999
  • * X = 1-254

  • Oh yeah, the 254 limit
  • all the subnets the same?

    XP firewall fuking up?
  • XP sets the subnet mask
  • yeah but he mightb have changed it accidently
  • you could try assigning static IP addresses.....

    Is a firewall on for the Dell or the mini pc? That could be the problem. See if you can access your router, then you can see if your router gave the mini pc an IP address.
  • the XP firewall is annoying..... blocks stuff u dont want it ot and doesnt block what itr should
  • Uhhhh....It actually does if you work it right

    You CAN forward ports in Windows firewall
  • yes i know u can but it never works
  • Yea it does

    Wanna explain why my XP box is firewalled yet I can forward port 82 to run my remote deskttop web connection? - RemoteDesktop - RealVNC JAVA Concole
  • thats fowarded to the machine with the firewall on i wanna do it a different one
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