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I have on a 5.25 floppy the 1.0 version of Microsoft Learning DOS.

For some reason I can not get the splash screen to reload to show the version 1.0, but if you compare this version to the one on the site, the file sizes are different and maybe someone can figure out how to get the splash screen to show when the program is loading again. Version 2.0 tells you when loading the program as well as an additional option about setting the keyboard.

The Quick Reference disk does state "Microsoft (R) DOS Quick Reference (C) 1986, 1987" compared to version 2.0, "Microsoft (R) DOS Quick Reference (C) 1986, 1987, 1988"

It seems I do not have the "without a hard disk" disk. I only have the "with a hard disk" and "reference disk" disks. But this was given to a family member who had only a machine running DOS 3.30 with a hard disk.


  • I buy a Microsoft Learning DOS 1.00 came out 1986 from eBay paid 7 Dollars for it. I don't have 5/14 floppy drive to try out.
  • Interested! Would you be willing to share the disk image?
  • So I think I might be able to reproduce the splash screen, seems that when I loaded it the first time it was off the 5.25 disk, but once I copied it to the hard drive it no longer showed. I was testing this out on a windows 98se machine.

    Also tried it out in dosbox on a win10 machine, but again I think it loads too quick and so the screen never shows. All I know is it's a black/white screen with a bunch of text and the line version 1.0.

  • Attachment - Microsoft Learning DOS 1.0

    - with hard disks LEARNDOS1.ima
    - Quick DOS Reference DOSHLP.ima
  • Excellent, thanks!
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    Apologies, it's version 1.01

  • Why do these have 2021 date stamps?

    I buy a Microsoft Learning DOS 1.00 came out 1986 from eBay paid 7 Dollars for it. I don't have 5/14 floppy drive to try out.

    Then buy one! Better yet, buy a dozen! One can never have too many floppy drives. :smiley:
  • The date stamp is due to copying the files off the 5.25 disks in widows 98se and then moving them via ftp to another machine (linux), and then downloading them to a windows 10 machine. Using magicISO to create the image files and then putting them into a .zip file for the website.
  • Could you please use Imagedisk or Winimage on the 98 box instead? That preserves the date stamps, volume labels, boot sector (make sure the disks are write protected), erased space, disk geometry information, and such.
  • I'll give it a go with winimage, I'll redo all the zips.
  • Updated version, there are two files that were updated on the disk due to testing the disk out a few days ago, these are updated/changed when a person is asked to enter a name for the save/restore point.
  • Your dump seems not to be from original media.

    Microsoft Learing DOS 1.00 or 1.01 consists as follows.

    *Disk 1 -- Lessons for Systems with a Hard Disk
    *Disk 2 -- Lessons for Systems without a Hard Disk
    *Disk 3 -- DOS Quick Reference
    *Disk 4 -- The DOS Sampler / Demonstration Disk

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