Mac OS 9 9.1

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imageMac OS 9 9.1

Mac OS 9.x, based on Mac OS 8 was the final product based on the classic MacOS architecture. Like previous version, it lacks true protected memory or pre-emptive multitasking. MacOS 9 was abandoned in favor of of the Unix-ish NextStep/Openstep based Mac OS X.

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  • Actually this version of Mac OS 9 can run under the classic environment. Tested on QEMU
  • Imgburn (and maybe others) complains about this being a bad iso. PowerISO (and hopefully others) burned it fine.
    Afterward, I was able to successfully boot and install this on a Power Macintosh 7100.
    Yea, the computer kinda sucks, but the image seems to work!
  • The mouse glitches (the cursor always teleports into a corner of the screen when i move it to somewhere) when trying to install this on QEMU. I'm using version 5.1.92 on Windows 7.
  • @WinWhat
    What is your qemu.bat?
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    Fixed now

    Commands (install): qemu-system-ppc -L pc-bios -boot d-M mac99,via=pmu -m 512 -sdl -drive file=Mac91.iso,format=raw,media=cdrom -drive file=Mac91.img,format=raw,media=disk

    Commands (run): qemu-system-ppc -L pc-bios -boot c -M mac99,via=pmu -m 512 -sdl -drive file=Mac91.iso,format=raw,media=cdrom -drive file=Mac91.img,format=raw,media=disk
  • The Mac OS 9.1 ISO isn't bad at all!
  • While messing around with Mac OS9.1 in Qemu PPC, I connected to the internet via Netscape 7.0.

    While surfing various websites, with varying degrees of success (WinWorld is accessible), on reaching the Macintosh Repository website you're greeted with this message:

    "Wow! You're actually browsing this website using an old Mac!"

    "Macintosh Repository salutes you!
    SSL has been deactivated for you."

    Kind of gives you a warm feeling!

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