[OFFER] Applixware Office 4.3.7

I have a dump of the Applixware 4.3.7 Office Suite for Linux as distributed by S.u.S.E. in 1997 for the German market. This office suite was available slightly earlier than StarOffice, but never seemed to gather much market share. It includes the English, German and French language version and should run on all common Linux distributions of the time, such as S.u.S.E. Linux 5.1, Red Hat Linux 4.2, Caldera OpenLinux 1.3, Debian GNU/Linux 1.3, or Slackware 1.3. For S.u.S.E. Linux the CD-ROM includes the update to version 5.1 and installation via the setup tool YaST. On other distributions it can be installed with the rpm command, or after conversion with rpm2cpio. It requires version 5 of the C library (libc).

I have uploaded it to MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/vF1gkIaQ#JLGCqq_KcQIe9Y1Nx2pYoIFMHffACl5r5_D-i5XpqLo

The cardboard box it came in is a bit warped, therefore the scan of the back is a bit blurry in the centre.
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