[offer] Microsoft Office 2.5 for Windows [5.25] WinImage

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This is an interesting version 2.5 of Microsoft Office for Windows, which seems to be quite rare. It's not mentioned on Wikipedia nor on Winworldpc. The package countains Word 2.0, Excel 4.0, Powerpoint 2.0 and Microsoft mail 2.1, all in 5.25 high density floppies. Excel and Powerpoint are untouched (shrinkwrapped), but unfortunately Word is not and the first floppy has one additional file.

Here is the link to the dump in WinImage format and with pictures of the content of the package.



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    Wow, Thanks.

    But Word 2.0 of disk 1 is modified.

    I'll fix it later.

    P. S. I think Power Point 2.0 is different version with mine.
    (My version is 5EA of Disk that is released in 1990)
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    I fixed it easily.

    This is now same with untouched one.

    Another disks of Word 2.0 are now verified!

    SHA1:74cad18542f97fd88e57ce7c65b99e18ef368dc5 / Disk 1 (of Word 2.0)
  • I've got the 1.6 version of office, but I haven't opened it yet, because it says on this site that, "The "1.x" versions of Microsoft Office were simply a marketing bundle of the standalone products sold together with no other packaging changes." So I haven't bothered to archive it, yet, because it probably wouldn't add much that isn't already archived. I'll get around to it eventually.
  • Hmm. The box says it is supposed to include Microsoft Mail 2.1 disks, but I don't see those.
  • @ibmpc5150 thanks for the word floppy fix !
  • @SomeGuy I was also surprised not to find the software, the package includes the licence only and you must install software for the email server, as explained in the letter included

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    callmejack, wow! This is unique release!
    I checked this now.
    WinWord – ver 2.00A (build 06/02/1992). We has this build.
    PowerPoint – ver2.00E (DE-version mentionen in WinHistory, also i seen mentione of EN-version)
    Excel – ver4.00 (build 26/03/1992) – we has this build.

    jafir, you copy of Office 1.6 may be include unknown versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • @German I think Office 1.6 included Word 1.1, Excel 3.0 and PowerPoint 2.0
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    Office 1.6 included Word 1.1, Excel 3.0 and PowerPoint 2.0

    ...and MS Mail 2.1 (InfoWorld 27 May 1991, Page 16)
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    Probably just a mail license like the other box. :)

  • Probably just a mail license like the other box

    Seems so. According to some sources MS Office 1.5 included all the same except MS Mail license.

    The main question is what was included into the very first MS Office 1.0, that Microsoft started to advertise in November 1990. Looking at it's release date one could suppose there were Word for Windows 1.1, Excel 2.1d and PowerPoint 2.0.
  • @jafir

    Yes, sealed package of MS Office 1.6 is very rare and worth to keep it.
  • Offtopic.
    I seen mentione about PowerPoint 2.01 for PM in Anti-Trust docs.
    Who know about this version? It's released? Or was existen only internal beta-versions?
    Thank you.
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