IBM PC 330-P75: The system does not start with another CD ROM inserted.

I have an IBM PC 330-P75.
The problem is I have an old CD ROM that is broken. When I put another one in, the computer boot up, but I get error 1962 instead of the system. When I put the old one back on, everything goes as normal.
I will add that if I do not put any cd rom, it also starts up normally.


  • or maybe you have some other old one
  • no i dont have:(

  • So it boots up fine with the old broken CD drive installed, but gives an error 1962, which means "no operating system found", with your replacement drive installed?

    Does it also boot fine with NO cd drive installed?
    Do you have any other drives in the system?
    Are you trying to boot from a CD?

    It could be that your replacement CD drive is no good or not compatible with this system.

    Do you have the master/slave jumpers set appropriately for its location on the IDE bus?

    Does the machine have a second IDE channel/plug on the motherboard? If you have the CD drive attached to the same IDE cable as the hard drive, then consider adding a second cable with the CD drive attached to that. (In that configuration, it would be jumpered as master instead of slave).

    Once installed, check that the boot order is set correctly in the BIOS.
  • 1.The point is that if you insert a different cd rom drive, the system does not start correctly, only error 1962 is displayed to me. does not write operating system not found.

    2. I can't get into the bios. I click ESC, F1 F2 F3 F12 F11 F10 DEL and nothing. ESC key causes fast post.

    3. Since this computer is very old, I really don't know which input is the master slave. I will add that each input is marked with the letter P and a number, eg P12, P13.

  • I will add that the hard disk and the broken cd-writer are connected with one ata cable
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    Master and slave are settings on the drive, set with jumpers, not ports on the system board.

    For example if the CD-ROM drive came from a system with two IDE ports, it might be set for master. If you plug it into the same cable with your hard drive also set for master, now you have two devices set for master.
  • Well, do a web search for IDE master/slave wiring and you will see lots of pretty diagrams.

    On this model, press "F1" when you see the IBM logo and memory check counting. If that does not let you in, then there is something really screwy going on. You will need to get in there to make sure things are set up right.

    So you will notice a second plug next to where the IDE cable is currently plugged in. Leave the current cable plugged in and don't change how the hard drive is plugged in. Get a second IDE cable, plug that in to the second plug on the motherboard and the CD drive. In that configuration the CD jumper should be set to "master".

    I recall having to do exactly that on some similar IBM Pentium 1 machines. (Heh, the ones I'm thinking of came pre-loaded with OS/2 but some tech support drone installed Windows 3.1 and absolutely none of the driver software.)
  • ok, I moved the jumper. I'll see if it works.
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    It worked. Thank you for your help and for explaining what master and slave are: D
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