[OFFER] WordStar 2000 Plus Release 3 + Components (SCP Dump)


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    Wow, thanks a lot. This seems to be early version than uploaded one on the net.

  • Good deal. And I used *.* hard when it was THE WP on DOS.
  • I think it might be a demo or evaluation version based on the boxes, but I didn't look in-depth. This was a dump and run. I have another set coming.
  • At a glance, it looks like the full version. With this kind of software, you never really know until you look at it. Very often manufacturers would just slap an "evaluation only" "demo only" "not for resale" "promotional copy" "educational version" or whatever label on their full, retail product and then give them away at promotional events.
  • I wasn't clear. I meant it in the sense is that it was likely an early printing for marketing teams. I do want to scan the manuals, but document scanner had magic smoke escape.
  • Interesting. Besides the "sample" label, is there anything else in the package that suggests that?

    I did notice the date stamps are earlier than the one already on Winworld. The main executable looks the same, although a number of other files differ.
  • Not that I saw in the manual, but this came as a set of a LOT of wordstar stuff which was unused, all of which was unused, but the CP/M disks (which I'll post in a moment) had a handwritten label w/ the serial on it. As far as I can tell, it's all virgin media.
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