[OFFER] WordStar Release 4 for CP/M (SuperCard Pro and Extracted Files)


This is a dump of the 5.25" disks in the package. I don't have an 8" drive to read the 8' disks, so help wanted there. Both sets of media appear unused (the 8" has a license seal sticker intact), and the 5.25 appears to be "virgin". The disks appear to be for an Osborne 1, but do not appear to have been modified as best I can tell.

The DOC files on the Program disk are part of a tutorial that's referenced in the manuals.


  • Very nice, thanks. Does it actually say somewhere that the 5.25" disks are for Osborne?

    Since almost every single CP/M 5.25" system seems to have it's own format, I've never understood how they could even distribute a generic-ish 5.25" release.

    CP/M systems with 8" drives, on the other hand, usually could accept "IBM 3740" formatted disks.
  • Well, the first several tracks of the CPM disk are reserved, so if they copy and pasted the file system master block at the start, X times it MIGHT have worked? Honestly, I legitimately don't know. I'd probably have to look in a hex editor.

    cpmtools osborne1 format worked, and this came as an eBay set w/ WordStar 3 which was marked for Osborne 1, but those disks self-destructed during an attempted read so RIP. I still don't know why I can't get backspace to work properly (Ctrl-H *does* work), but that's likely a commodore problem and not a problem w/ the dump.
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