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I have for this Archive copies of AST MS-DOS 3.3, 4.01, and 5.0. I also have Everex Systems MS-DOS 3.3, 4.01, and 5.0. Let me know how i can add to the archive. Thanks.


  • Just noticed that the forum software automatically banned this account for access through the IP address 195.181.*.* range. A VPN there has previously been abused by troublemakers.

    Since I am interested in this software, I am attempting to give this account one more chance, but any access from that IP range results in an automated ban/re-ban.
  • Thank you for your professional courtesy and understanding.

    My phrasing and approach are a little rusty. I will not access this site using a VPN connection from now on. This way I don't give you guys the impression that I am not spamming this site. I am helping to support this site.

    I have a large collection of software over the years. I still collect and acquire software in my spare time that needs a few homes to support fellow enthusiasts like this community. Let's say it is my version of Golf in my retirement.
    This site gives me fond memories of when I had worked at Apple in the early days and IBM in the later years.

    Thank you for allowing me to support this site and making this community a safe place to visit & share. I only wish continued success.
  • Ok, cool. To answer your original question, we don't have an upload system in place here, so contributors upload their submission to a file hosting site, and then either send me a private message through this forum's messaging system with the link or post a link in the "Offers & Requests" sub forum. Then I will get it added to the library at some point.
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