even with firefox the mirrors dont work

Im using firefox and everytime i click on a mirror it only sayesFailed to download Abandonware Operating Systems/Virtual Machines/Microsoft Windows/Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition [VMware VM].7z from IP ()
it also eats away at my download count. Im trying to get an os for virtual box. please help me!!


  • Confirmed. Even in a browser that doesn't bitch about SSL, the download fails. The backend communications must be failing too.
  • Yes, I also can't download it from WinWorld via Edge too.
  • edited February 2021
    From what I've heard, an SSL 'Let's Encrypt' certificate expired. The website seems to work in Firefox ESR. (Nightly has some "security risk" error for downloads, but you can click through that)
    (Updated because I didn't do that the first time, and again because I tried Nightly, not ESR)
  • Happened to try it again just now, and it looks like it is working now.
  • Brave early this AM warned that site was giving garbage SSL. And would not load page unless I chose advanced options. It is not doing so at this time.
  • I let Calvin know this morning that the Let's Encrypt certificate was expired. He renewed it. That's all it was, I believe.
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