DacEasy Instant Accounting 1.0

I cannot really call this an offer, but I did upload it, because it's the first time I've seen it since the 90s.

"DacEasy Instant Accounting 1.0"
DOS/Windows, Summer, 1992

"This was rescued from a warez CD, so it is not possible to provide floppy disk images.
First time I've seen it in the wild, so think its worthwhile, even in a plain dump file.

- Scrounged up what info I could find quickly and included it in separate zip.
- Just install and use.

- Somewhere I read it requires DOS 3.1 and 512K ram, or Windows 3.0 and 1MB ram."

Additional: I used DacEasy Accounting 7, 8, 9 along with their POS modules on dozens of DOS based machines, networked and running box stock NT 3.5 & 3.51 servers and 8bit cards. It just always worked. I have a lot of respect for their product.

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