[REQUEST] Internet Explorer 5.0 or 5.01 Spanish for Windows 3.1x

Hi guys! I have been finding the Spanish version of Internet Explorer 5.0 or 5.01 for Windows 3.1x, I tried using the Wayback Machine but i didn't find it. Please if you have this, send me a download link!


  • I have the FULL Original installer of version 5.00.2014.0216 in Spanish, but I tried to install it on Windows 3.11 (in DOSBox) and it was impossible.

    If it works for you, I can upload it, they are 118MB.
  • @CarlosAM you can install it on Windows 3.11 in 86box or PCem.
  • Claims to be. Click the lower right button with the down arrow. Approx 9MB.
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    @FantaShokataNerd OK, thanks for the TIP, I'll try it.

    Here I uploaded the file:


    IE5SPA.rar (118MB)
    MD5 Checksum: 12651ab69ba3d298553fed711d76d8b6

    Internet Explorer 5.00.2014.0216 Spanish for Windows 3.1, NT4SP3 (includes SP4), 95, 98.

    I copied it from an old CD from Argentina called "Aprendiendo PC Internet". On the same CD there is also the update to version 5.50.4134.0600.
  • Clarification:

    The file I uploaded (118MB) is something "weird", because although it has the CABs for Windows 3.1 in the W31 folder, but the 16-BIT installer is not there. In Windows 95 it can be installed perfectly.

    I downloaded the link (from @02k-guy) to the 9MB file and it can be installed without problems in DOSBox. They are the CABs (same checksum) that I uploaded, with two missing (IEAK5OPT.CAB and PRESU.CAB).

    This installation in Windows 3.1 is listed as version 5.00.0913.2206.

    In short, whoever wants it for Windows 3.1, download the small file. For Windows 95 onwards, get the big one down.
  • Offtopic:
    Who know, exist or don't extst Russian IE5 for Win3.x?
    P.S. I know, that exist MUI, but my interest Russian-localization.
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