Toshiba Satellite 1995 laptop Win95

Hi New here. As the title shows I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop which had win95 installed unfortunately I corrupted it, And my backup floppy disks 1.4mb old I guess.My only access to the laptop is the floppy drive which works fine with the dos disk.
Thanks to your site I have been able to download the relevant files for win95, However that's as far as I can get my laptop
likes 1.4 floppy disks only no disk drive included on this model. I have obtained a 4gb compact flash card and interfaced with the hard drive slot , Can not use hard drive away from computer as I have no interface with my modern PC .
My request is a step by step tutorial how to open and suggested storage options if possible , I know virtual machines work I have one on my PC ,But I want Win 95 OEM back onto the Laptop.Please can anyone help.

Regards Percy


  • Dunno how you'd get Windows 95 on through a virtual machine. Do you have a floppy drive and empty disks? You could keep the cf card in the Satellite and then use a homemade win95 boot floppy.
  • Hi thank you for replying to my request. I have windows XP running on my HP Provilion 10 Laptop via a virtual machine but it is far to slow. Yes I have 30 plus floppys formated 1.4 fat. My Toshiba Satellite as no O/S on hard drive it has been formated clean. I have tried to use my 4gb CFC Card as a hard drive with various downloaded wins 95 from WinWorld but totally no success my only access to Toshiba is floppy drive and hard drive
    My pcmcia slot is non functional until I get a O/S system working. Hence I need help how to get a WinWorld download working, By the way I have two working boot disks which load DOS 5. Thanks again for any help Percy
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    Hi I must have frightened away my request for help by my responder. However I persevered on my own and found a route to re install win 95 via 21floppy disks, And a download from this site:- Win95 OEM Thank You. The key to my success was getting a good download and familiarising myself with the 7-Zip File Manager . Very important for anyone who is interested. To those who use this manager which by the way is a must, if you want a successful transfer of all files onto your floppy disk medium . My Floppy Disks were 1.4mb. The download consisted of 21 files , Using 7Zip manager, I opened each file and looked for the cab file which I then copied to my Floppy disk, Ensuring the destination was selected each time as the "A" drive using my desktop PC, which is running on Windows 10 current version , This procedure was carried out for each floppy disk and verified as good by 7Zip. The following comments are very important if you want a successful Install onto your destination computer. Clean hard drive or partition, absolutely no remnants of previous attempts,

    When one of the floppy disks fails windows offers retries, if this does not work, Recopy the failed file (Cab) number ,onto a new floppy from your downloaded Win 95 OEM replace this back into your download destination computer, Enter and continue, I had approximately 4 out of 21 that failed ,But with this procedure was able to complete a full and success full installation onto my 1995 Toshiba Saterllite 110cs laptop

    Regards Peter
  • I happen to have a complete set of disks for that Toshiba model (including Windows 95a OEM on 30 diskettes). Let me know if you want me to upload them somewhere!
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