PC-DOS 5.00

Does anyone know what compression program was used to compress the files of PC-DOS 5.00 and where one can get it?


  • You mean on the setup disks? That would be the microsoft "compress.exe" program. But different versions supported different compression methods, and as I recall, at least one specific version was never publicly released.
  • Yes for the setup disks.
    Thanks for the response. Now I know what to attempt to hunt down.
  • MS-DOS and PC-DOS 5.xx are compressed with the 'compress.exe' vers 2.0, such as to be found in the windows 3.1 sdk. Win30 is compressed with no flags, DOS5 is compressed without rename, but the files are renamed to .??_ afterward, win310 is done with -r.
  • Thanks found it and worked like a charm
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