Looking for the cinepak video codec for Win 95C


I am trying to find the cinepak codec for Windows 95C.
I thought the k-lite pak might have it but I don't seen to be able to get a win 95 version. Oldapps.com doesn't seem to be working.


  • Ah, the 2.50 K-lite codec pak doesn't seem to fix the problem. Anyone else know where I can get the correct codec?
  • Thanks 02k-guy,
    I had already done a search, but the problem is me not explaining it clearly. Still getting over the Flu, i suppose.

    So I have a copy of an old CD "Mastering Application design & Development using visual Studio 6.0" and it works with Win 95 A, but not in Win 95 C. The video is ok, but there is no audio.

    I thought the codec was at fault. Because I can play the AVI on the CD in media player and it works, but as part of the interactive course it doesn't have audio.

    I'm thinking it is some type of ActiveX control or something.

    Win 95 C has a newer version of MS Active movie player, yet the interactive CD doesn't work.
    The CD has a version of Active Movie player, and won't install as it say's there is a newer version installed. (Active movie is not listed in Add/remove software)

    I have tried a lot of things, but no luck.

    Anybody have any ideas? What do these courses use for A/V controls? Is there a way to trace it, to see what it is using?

  • The setup for AMP "AMsetup.EXE" on that CD can be unpacked with 7zip. So unpack it to a local dir and try running it. If it works, you can change associations to point to that one.
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    Ok, so that didn't seem to make a difference.
    Something that is odd though, I installed Mastering MFC Development and then the "Mastering Application design & Development using visual Studio 6.0" (MADDVS) and it kind of works?
    When I say "kind of" the audio lags behind the video, on the MADDVS cd contents.
    I used regmon and filemon to see if anything stuck out, but nothing.

    I can't try another MADDCS cd as I cannot find another copy on the internet.

    Anyone have a copy? Or know where I can get one?

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