[OFFER] Windows 98 SE retail upgrade for win 3.1 and win95 (french)

Hi, I recently got a used copy of the said disk and realized it wasn't in your collection so I'd like to share mine.


  • How should we proceed?
  • Software in French is always appreciated (I do speak french). I’m not an admin of the site, but there’s a link with some rules here https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/10445/winworld-forum-rules-and-information#latest

    It says :

    How to contribute:

    At the current time we do not have an automated upload system. You must use a file hosting site to temporarily store the files and then PM a link to SomeGuy or one of the other staff. All files are inspected, tested, repackaged, and only then uploaded. This can take weeks or months due to busy schedules and backlogs. Do not pester staff about delays. Archives that are not genuine dumps from original media, have been altered, are incomplete, or do not meet our definition of "abandonware", may be rejected.

    Optionally, you may post the link as an "offer" in the "Offers and Requests" sub forum.

    Hosting sites that our members frequently use include: dropbox.com, wetransfer.com, mediafire.com, mega.nz, drive.google.com, and s000.tinyupload.com. You may also attach small files to forum posts, use a personal web site, or add your files to the archives at archive.org or vetusware.com.

  • archive.org is now my goto. Unless and until copyright trolls damage it, it remains the one site with permanent storage - and links.
  • OK, will get to that right now, sorry for the delay I did not see the response up until now.
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