msgsrvc32 not responding issue

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Hey everyone,
at a loss here.

Running an old system, probably not the most stable of configurations
Windows98SE (patched with unofficial SP3)

Asus P2B-D
Dual PIII 550mhz (Obviously 98 only uses 1)
1GB of RAM (Memory patch applied to 98)
120GB SSD (SATA to IDE converter)
AGP FX5950 (Overkill, but best AGP 2X supported card)
Soundblaster Audigy 16
Dlink DFE-530TX

90% of the time the PC runs fine, but sometimes when I launch any game, the program doesn't launch. Could also be the launch screen when you mount a CD.
It just does nothing, but the computer still responds.

If you open task manager, the MSGSRV32 is not responding. If you kill it, everything breaks. If you kill the app, everything breaks. Eventually it will BSOD and you'll have to reboot.

Things I've tried so far:
DDU - removed all creative drivers and reinstalled
DDU - removed all Nvidia drivers and reinstalled.
BIOS - Went through the manual and disabled a couple things that weren't necessary. Plug and Play OS is enabled. OS/2 support disabled.

I have the XP Shell extensions but I uninstalled them.

I enabled the fault.log in TweakUI but it's not showing anything, at least application related.

It seems like MSGSRV32 does a lot of different things, but I have no idea where to start looking? Is there a log or something I can find?
I'm starting to lean towards reinstalling again, or migrating to 2000.
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