[offer] CGI Graphwriter 4.21 for IBM PC

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Contains disk images in SCP and IMZ format [5.25].
Includes also user manual and leaflets scans.



  • Thanks very much for rare program.
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    Thanks! I installed it in 86box but cannot make it work. It just freezes when I run the .com file. Any ideas?
  • Use what I have processed and uploaded here: https://winworldpc.com/product/graphwriter/4x

    The software is copy protected. So you will need to use an emulator that supports copy protection, or write it back to a real floppy with a flux-level copier.

    I'm not very familiar with using 86box for copy protected stuff, but in this case the protection is simplistic enough, you should be able to use the ImageDisk images.

    Otherwise, I believe you will need to convert the SCP or IMD images to 86boxes own intermediate format.

    The emulated machine probably needs to be a PC/XT, but I didn't test extensively. It did run on PCE.
  • It is now working with your file set. Thank you!
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